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Universal Waterproof Ruggedized 12V Solar Powered Battery Charger/Rejuvenator with 32W panel
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Detailed Description

32W solar panel, rugged waterproof enclosed 15A charge controller (shown with optional matching waterproof desulfator). Maintain or rejuvenate batteries anywhere. Includes everything you need to charge and maintain a battery from the sun. Add optional wall charger unit and/or Enclosed Desulfator unit.This system incorporates a 32W folding rugged solar panel (3A full sun) and a 15A charge controller with full LCD metering (see battery voltage, charging current and load output at the same time). The basic unit includes one 32W folding rugged solar panel (no glass, the same panel that has been to Mount Everest many times) and the waterproof 12VDC charge controller with waterproof connectors (unit shown above is the standard system with panel and charger with optional desulfator unit in smaller housing). A fused battery cable is included with large alligator clamps to attach to your battery (make sure you observe polarity, positive to positive and negative to negative). Optional extra connector is available for additional connector to provide 12VDC output to a cigarette socket (for loads like inverters, DC devices, laptops, etc.). This unit is the "go anywhere" solar charger that is uniquely adaptable and very lightweight (7 pounds total weight). Absolutely the most rugged unit available. You just provide the battery. This unit will monitor and mainatain any lead acid battery for years and can be immersed in water and still run just fine. Add optional desulfator and wall charger and you have the "Swiss Army Knife" of solar power solutions.
Optional Wall Charger Unit:

Add optional weathproof desulfator and desulfate and charge your battery at the same time (aging batteries accumulate sulfate deposits on their plates, the desulfator removes these and restores lost capacity and maintains battery health at the same time).
Enclosed desulfator in waterproof housing with waterproof connector:

The desulfator plugs into the controller through a matching waterproof plug (as also do the panels and the battery alligator adaptor). Additional optional wall charger unit permits the system to charge and rescue batteries while plugged into the wall socket. System with standard charger unit, optional desulfator unit and optional wall charger. The wall charger is plugged into the same waterproof plug that is used for solar panel input. Go anywhere, if you have 110VAC, charge from 110VAC by simply plugging into the wall. Go on the road or into the wild, swap over to your 32W panel and you're all set.
System with standard weathproof charger and optional desulfator (smaller case) and optional wall charger (plugged into the wall):

Choose all three (charger, desulfator and wall charger and you have the most versitile, rugged and waterproof battery charger/rejuvenator unit on the market plus the only unit with a weatherproof attached desulfator). Use this unit anywhere. Additional socket available if you also desire to run DC loads from the unit (via a cigarette socket). This system is also ideal to solarize just about anything. Toss the system into your kayak or your RV or your boat. Go anywhere. Charge anytime. The most versitile system available. Stop using cheap chargers to maintain your battery. Ours adds full metering (current in, battery float voltage and three stages of intelligent charge maintainance). Add the optional desulfator and you can leave this unit attached full time to your battery and the battery plates will be desulfated continuously and the battery will be fully charged. Maintain a number of batteries in parallel, no problem. Charge from a panel or from the wall socket (with optional wall charger unit). Leave the system out in the rain, it's waterproof.