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CTSolar MP3700_32.2W
Tekkeon 3700 Lithium Laptop Battery System 5AH (automatic voltage select) with 32.2W Ruggedized Solar Panel
Tekkeon 3700 Lithium Laptop Battery System 5AH (automatic voltage select) with 32.2W Ruggedized Solar Panel
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Detailed Description

System Requirements
myPower ALL Plus powers and charges laptops, plus most 5V devices. A laptop power
adapter with the appropriate input adapter tip is required to charge the battery, and the
appropriate output adapter tip is required to connect myPower ALL Plus to a portable
myPower ALL Plus doubles the life of your laptop battery, providing up to seven hours of
extra power when maximized with the extended battery. Truly universal, this efficient
lithium polymer battery automatically detects the voltage of the connected laptop making
it quick and simple to use. A bonus USB output port enables you to simultaneously charge
other small portable devices, like cell phones, iPods and more.
myPower ALL Plus charges and/or powers laptops and virtually any portable device—
anywhere, anytime—making it a versatile solution for the power needs of mobile
products, on the road and at home. Most portable devices are often in need of recharging
after just two to four hours of use. With myPower ALL Plus, you can enjoy hours of
extended time on laptops, MP3 players, portable CD players, mobile phones, and other 5V
portable consumer electronic products.
myPower ALL Plus is modular, so you can add an extended battery to this lightweight
rechargeable battery to double the life of your laptop battery between charges.
myPower ALL Plus comes with nine adapter tips, including a Mini USB tip, for connection
to most small portable devices. Additional adapter tips and the extended battery. This unit is charged from either our 32.2W ruggedized "go anywhere" solar panel or from a 110VAC wall charger.

The Tekkeon Systems are available with two configurations: the 3450 unit and the 3700 unit. The 3450 has a user-selectable voltage output for running things that have a specific voltage required. The range is from 5VDC to 19VDC. Ideal for portable 13.2VDC devices like radios, transceivers, gps units or anything that plugs into a car socket. The 3700 unit has an automatic voltage determination protocol designed for laptops and automatically determines your laptop voltage and selects it. The 3700 unit is used mainly for a laptop. The 3450 for other applications.

The main advantage of the Tekkeon units is that they contain lithium batteries and are therefor lighter weight. They also are very compact. These units both come with a variety of adaptor plugs to fit most all laptops and most consumer devices. They also have a USB output for charging USB devices that normally charge from your PC.

The main disadvantage of the Tekkeon units is that they are available in only 5 and 10AH configurations. The larger lead acid power centers we cell may be heavier but they can be built and are available in a number of much larger capacity sizes. Additionally, our conventional power centers have LCD displays of voltage, current in and current out. Also the Lead acid units (8AH, 16AH, 24AH, etc.) are all weatherproof and more ruggedized. The Tekkeons also only can accept one 32W panel input whereas the Lead Acid units can accept much larger panel capacity inputs up to 16A continuous. If you are going on a serious expedition the Lead Acid units are much more durable and flexible. If you're backpacking and weight is the major issue, then the 10AH Tekkeon with a 32W panels is best. We are glad to explain further as needed.