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Professional Grade Dock Solar Lighting Solution
Professional grade lighting solution for your dock and boat. Motion detector activated high intensity floods, safely run at DC voltages. Built-in 36W ruggedized aluminum framed solar panel.
Your Price: $1,850.00

Detailed Description

This system is a professional-grade lighting system. Designed to last and this unit is not like the poor-quality consumer-grade systems. This system features a 36W ruggedized panel mounted on top of the control unit aluminum housing box. Three high intensity DC LED lamps are included with mounting hardware, provides floodlight coverage of your dock and boat. Motion detection activates lights on detection of motion. Unit can also run continuously at night with pre-set nightime lighting programmed settings. These lamps have pure-white light and illuminate their coverage area like daylight. The control box features a sophisticated control unit that is programmable to 10 different night lighting patterns. The controller uses sunlight periodicity from the panel to determine day/night cycles. This unit will last for years and survive anything. Most consumer grade units last about 6 months and are basically disposable. This professional grade unit will last years. 50AH battery. 36W rugged solar panel. Intrinsically safe DC voltages are perfect for the marine environment.