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CT Solar specializes in custom solar panel and solar power system fabrication. We have fulfilled a number of unique and special solar power system needs for military and commercial users. Our solutions include custom solar panels with custom voltage and current specification, lithium power pack needs (including manpacks), Pelican-case contained waterproof rugged power systems, trailer power systems up to 5KW, irrigation systems, security systems, remote repeater stations, remote lighting systems, remote stand alone systems and entire remote power stations up to 20KW size.

We can fabricate any mounting need and we can provide solar panel capacities exceeding 5KW.
216W pole mounted panels with pole-mounted pelican case for stand alone power applications:

We manufacture hardened solar panels and matching hardened waterproof cases/enclosures.

Here's what we need from you:

-Your voltage needed(usually 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC or 240/220VAC).

-The current drawn by your loads(combined) taking into account the number of hours each device will be active per 24 hour period. Take the number of hours each load will be active and multiply by the number of amps consumed to obtain the "e;Amp-Hour"e; quotient for each load. Add them all up for a total Amp-hour consumption for each 24 hour cycle.

-The latitude where you will be using the system.

-Temperature minimum and maximum where you will be using the system.

-The number of days of cloudy weather you will need to be able to store power for (this is used to design the battery capacity).

Email us the specifics and we can get you a quote. We can fabricate custom systems large and small and also in large quantities.
We specialize in pole mounted power systems and trailer mobile systems.

Pole Mounted Systems:we fabricate aluminum pole mounting systems for our ruggedized 108W, 72W and 36W panels. We can add panels together for larger arrays up to 648W pole mounted. We also include a mount for large weatherproof Pelican case or Aluminum enclosures that sit under the panels. This permits powering and enclosing your entire system and components in one rugged survivable pole mounted system. ideal for remote surveillance, security and repeater systems.

Custom Trailers:Our trailers include lighting options and propane fired standby generators with UPS inverters that can keep the system charged also from shoreline 110VAC power sources. The trailers include storage inside for your equipment. We custom fabricate to a trailer chassis matched to your needs. Panels mount on one side and the top for a capacity up to 5KW with standard models with 500W, 1KW and 1.5KW. One or two axles available. Options include side doors, light bar, larger inverters, large battery banks, custom inverter voltages, shoreline power connectors, propane generator with electric start, UPS backup function on shoreline power, external additional solar panel capacity, trailer length, height, towing packages. Contact us for specifics.

Pelican Case Embedded Systems:The most rugged waterproof solar power systems in the industry. We enclose a charge controller and SLA or Lithium batteries inside a rugged Pelican case to your specifications. Custom waterproof power and solar panel connectors are installed on the Case sides. We can also embed your devices inside the case with pass-through cabling to external loads or devices. Ideal for scientific, videography, stand alone seismography, or security applications. Combine the Pelcian Power Center with our ruggedized folding solar panels (either the Fabric folding 32W or smaller panels; one or more or the Aluminum framed 36W, 72W, 108W, 216W or 324W panels).

Solar Charged Lithium Solar Power Centers:Take advantage of the low self-discharge and extrememly lightweight of lithium ion/polymer battery packs. Our packs include overcurrent, overcharge, overdischarge and low voltage disconnect protection along with an LED voltmeter and charging indication. We can support applications with unusual voltage needs including 3.0, 5.0, 9.0 and 12.0V up to 3A maximum charge and 3A maxium discharge. Ideal for communications devices, manpacks and stand alone devices. Pack capacities of 6AH and 12AH available. Ideal for serious mountaineering applications.