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Disaster and Hurricane Solar Survival Basic Pelican Case 24AH Power Center/64W Nylon Folding Solar Panel System
Complete system to provide backup power during disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.
Your Price: $1,750.00

Detailed Description

Solar Power System Designed to Provide Power for Television, Radio and LED Lighting During Power Failures.Easily stored and Reliable. Get Around the Gas Shortages that Make Generator Power Hard to Rely Upon.

The Hurricane Solar Survival System is designed to be an affordable alternative to a gasoline-powered generator during the power failures common after a hurricane. This system will run a television, radio, a laptop computer and LED lighting after dark.
24AH of internal battery capacity in a Pelican Case with Two 32W nylon ruggedized solar panels. Weatherproof system with weatherproof connectors to your panels and inverter/external loads.
The system is configured with an external battery cable that will allow you to add additional battery power. Add additional deep cycle batteries to your system as you desire. Also in included is an external charging system to keep this unit topped off and ready to provide power when needed.
The solar panels fold and are compact and easily stored. These panels are rugged and extremely durable. They can survive the rugged and demanding conditions common after a hurricane or any other natural disaster.
Solar panels have grommets in each corner to permit them to be temporarily mounted on anything that's still standing.
The system includes a StarStik LED light as well as a 300W inverter to power 110 volt items up to 300W power consumption. Additional 12 volt DC receptacles provided for items capable of being powered from a car power socket.
Blue ballistic nylon enclosure to protect controller and battery. Matches our Expedition and Backpack solar panels.
Embedded charge controllers are a full function temperature compensated charge controller.
Low voltage disconnect to protect the battery against over discharge
Fused output lead with "cigarette lighter" socket for compatibility with most consumer devices.
24AH Power Center will power most laptops and consumer electronics devices easily. Full control over battery state of charge using LCD display.
Items in stock right here in South Florida.
Not designed to run life-sustaining systems.