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CTSolar CellSecurity
Cellphone Internet Linked Solar Powered Two-Camera Remote Video Security System
Solar powered remote security system with cellphone link to the internet. Remote solar powered RF linked cameras avaialbe as options.
Your Price: $7,950.00

Detailed Description

Our most powerful system. Stand-alone remote operation. This system can sit at your remote location under solar power, all you need is a cell signal and sunlight. You log into the system via any internet connection using a standard web address the system is accessed via an internet-enabled secure cellphone. Secure login and you're viewing from two remote cameras (more avaiable as an option) in color and with infrared illuminated B/W at night (950 nm illuminators, invisible to the human eye). Record and review video from earlier in the day.

Covert Surveillance Images:

Ideal for government, commercial, municipal or home monitoring. We can also configure this unit as a base-station with multiple outlying 5.8ghz linked camera inputs.System includes embedded PC and video capture hardware.