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CTSolar DS-1
Battery Desulfator
Assembled and tested battery desulfator. Board-only (you provide enclosure).Battery Desulfator , use to recover sulfated batteries and to prevent sulfation during prolonged float charging and after prolonged storage of charged batteries.
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Detailed Description

Lead-Acid batteries are the workhorses of alternative power systems. They are efficient and low in cost. However, they are prone to the deposition of sulfate deposits on internal metal plates. These sulfate deposits ultimately diminish battery capacity and deteriorate battery longevity and health. Circuit design similar to that described in HomePower (#77, June/July 2000). Creates high frequency (~3 Mhz) pulses and harmonics that fight sulfation in 12 volt lead-acid batteries. Heavy duty MOSFET. Can be used to rejuvenate some (but not all) apparently "dead" batteries. Simple circuit design features LM555 integrated circuit. Two-sided printed circuit board, LM555, MOSFET and all components provided. Minimum power consumption. Makes high frequency "whine" that confirms operation. In-line fuse for safety. User provides housing. Desulfators may be left attached to your battery bank 24 hours/7days and will promote battery health for years.