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CTSolar RFP37W
36W Ruggedized Fiberglass Solar Panel
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Detailed Description

Rugged fiberglass backed solar panel. No glass. Designed for the most demanding conditions.Holes drilled in each side to allow you to mount this panel anywhere. Design your own mount. Mount on the side of a structure, on your boat, your vehicle, anything. Just leave 1/2 inch air space behind for ventilation.36W rugged solar panel. This panel is unframed and designed for you to install on your own mount or flush on any suface (just use stainless hardware, even wood screws with standoffs. Small low-profile junction box on the back of the panel (if installing on flat surface, just use rubber spacers or nylon washers to stand the unit off of the surface both for cooling but also for junction box clearance, about 1/2 inch standoff required). Weighs 5 lb 6 oz. 26" x 21.5" dimensions unframed. Good choice for that unusual application, vehicles, boats or odd locations.