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CTSolar KayakKit16AHPelican32W
16AH Pelican/32W Kayak Solar Power Kit
KayakKit16AH Pelican32W
Power your kayak using solar power, 16AH battery capacity in waterproof Pelican case with 32W panel (can be mounted to your kayak). Waterproof and ruggedized panel.
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Detailed Description

Complete system for your kayak. 32W panel and 16AH waterproof Pelican case enclosed power center. Panel is waterproof. Power center can be stored in your watertight compartment or out in the elements (completely waterproof). Charge and run your GPS or cellphone directly from the power center. Panel weight 5 pounds. Power center weighs 12 pounds. Don't be without power and don't lose voltage ever again on the water. This system can power your laptop and many larger power consumption devices.